Roundabout Race 2 July

The annual YOSC Roundabout Race was held under cloudless blue skies at Naburn with in a Force 5 Wind – although the wind, in true Naburn fashion, was flukey!

For the uninitiated, the roundabout Race is a “one lap of the YOSC water, do when you want, any way you want” race. Suggested and run by Andrew Holmes, it is a test of skill and nerves – do you wait until later in the day and risk the wind easing off? What boat (fast or good handicap?) do I use?

The early boats to set off seemed to do well – all Enterprises – but the lunch time sailors hit some holes in the wind. The Phillips boys , sailing 3 up in the Laser 2000 were no match for Steve Axford in the Hartley 12 and new member Matt Storey, also in the Hartley 12. However, benefiting from afternoon steady winds, Fiona Phillips helming the Gull, came in victorious, and lifted the Naburn Rock.

It was noted by the OOD (Andrew Holmes) that the last boat to sail has now won the race every time. Clearly a lesson to be learnt!

Added to the mix was the traditional YOSC afternoon tea and cake – all contributing to a perfect day. Many thanks to Andrew for organising, Fran for safety boat and refreshments, and to the Weather Gods for a perfect day!

1st – Gull – Helm Fiona Phillips, Crew Vincent Phillips
2nd – Hartley 12 – Helm Steve Axford
3rd – Hartley 12 – Helm Matt Storey
4th – Enterprise – Helm Pete Lee, Crew Steve Bingham
5th – Laser 2000 – Helm Vince Phillips, Crew Alex Phillips , Dan Phillips
RTD – Enterprise – Helm Peter Rawson, Crew Tina Beresford