Yorkshire Ouse Sailing Club Committee 2016

Yorkshire Ouse is managed by a voluntary committee made up of it's members and trustees. The following are your officers for 2016;

Commodore: Peter Lee - 01904 340696

Vice Commodore: Steve Axford - 01904 468251

Rear Commodore: Brian Miatt - 01937 843991

Trustees: David Spencer, Philip David, Vincent Phillips, Steve Axford

Hon. Secretary: Steve Kerslake - 01904 471488

Hon. Treasurer: Fran Hyett

Sailing Secretary : Vacant, covered by Steve Axford / Ian Purkis    

Social Secretary: Vacant

Captain: Tony Blaza

Mate: Vacant

RYA Training Principal: Steve Axford - 01904 468251

Committee MembersIan Purkis, Darren Rigg, Fiona Phillips

Non Committee Posts:

Fleet Officers

    National 12 Captain: Philip David, Measurer: Brian Miatt

    Enterprise Captain: Larry Gray, Measurer: David Spencer

    Handicap Captain:

Bar Steward – Keith Wells

House Manager & Moorings Officer – Fiona Phillips - 01904 624117

Archivist – Ian Purkis