Covid 19 Update July 2020

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Although at present there is no racing being organised, with the ease of lockdown we can now return to sailing at Yorkshire Ouse Sailing Club. If doing so please note:-

  •  Nobody showing Covid-19 symptoms or having been in contact with infected persons should come onto club premises..
  • You must sign in (with date, and times in and out) on sheet provided (Please use your own pen, or disinfect the one provided). This is for your own and others’ protection and it is vital that you do so.
  • When using the club house, ensure that you wipe down all surfaces that you have touched. Wipes and surface cleaners are provided in the club.
  • Hand sanitisers are also provided – please use.
  • There is only one lavatory available – this is in the Men’s changing room. Please clean it thoroughly after use.
  • DO NOT use the changing rooms. Come dressed for sailing and go home in your sailing clothes.
  • The only exception to the above is if you have a capsize – in which case you can shower (in order to get warm and minimise the risk of  any water borne contagions) and change in the club.
  • DO  NOT use the galley. This includes the kettle. Bring a picnic with you, and if necessary a Thermos flask with a hot drink. Do not use the club  mugs etc. 
  • Clean up after yourself which includes putting any waste in the black wheelie bin.
  • Ensure that the current social distancing rules are observed.
  • Only two household groups allowed inside at any one time
  • Remember that you sail, and use any facilities at your own risk .

You may wish to consult the Risk Assessment on the website